Young Japanese travelers’ experiences in Finland 2018

Julkaistu 6.11.2018

How to inspire Japanese travelers on a self-organized holiday trip to come to Finland and experience new things

The purpose of this ethnographic survey was to find out what inspires Japanese travelers on a self-organized holiday trip to come to Finland and experience new things. The survey was conducted by 28 short face-to-face interviews in Japanese in different locations in Helsinki, and was targeted on Japanese travelers on a self-organized holiday trip, both male and female approx. 20-40 years old, traveling alone or in small groups of 2-4 persons.

The main findings were that young Japanese free independent travelers value safety in all forms as well as adventure in a sense that you are not tied to schedules and that you get more authentic local and new experiences.

Japanese traveleres in Finland, safe adventure

The difference between a package tour traveler and these young, self-organized travelers is that the latter have personal interest to visit Finland. They are often related to stories, such as Moomins or Ruokala Lokki, the movie. To inspire these travelers, it is important to emphasize the storytelling in all forms. In the inspirational phase, information should be in Japanese, and overall stories and inspiration on what to do in Finland are mainly searched online and in travel blogs.

When asked what the travelers were interested in and what did they do while being in Finland, different themes popped up: nature, culture, food, shopping, sauna.

Japanese travelers in Finland, culture, architecture, design, moomins, events

You can read more about the different themes and other findings in the presentation attached below. It also gives you some good tips, if your focus is to attract more Japanese travelers in your region.

Japanese travelers in Finland, recommendations to promote Finland as travel destination