Visit Finland Segmentation Study 2017

Julkaistu 11.12.2017

Visit Finland engaging new customer segments

Since our last customer segmentation in 2012 much has happened in Finnish travel industry, Visit Finland’s strategy and in customer behavior. The industry is booming. We have double digit growth rate from our cornerstone markets in Europe as well as from new markets from Asia.

As a consequence of the evolving customer base, Visit Finland’s marketing is increasingly geared towards sales promotion. Our travelling and paying customers are selecting their destination according to their activities, interest and experiences.

In this new situation, we wanted to develop our segmentation tools. Our aim is to create more concrete tools for marketing and selling to meet different customer needs. With the new segments, we are also able to cooperate more effectively with our partners. With common segments and messages, we can improve our competitiveness.

A Target Group / Communication guide for the new segments will be launched in 2018. Visit Finland Academy will also take into its’ program training.

Nature differentiates Finland from competing destinations

The aim of the study was to create a segmentation that supports Finnish travel industry’s marketing campaigns and tactical goals, with focus on four target markets: UK, Germany, Japan and China.

A situation based approach was chosen to find out customer needs and attitudes in different situations. Over a thousand online interviews were conducted in each of the four target countries, in the course of summer 2017. As a result, the study answers the questions of what to communicate, when, to which target groups and in which channels.

Based on a thorough analysis, six main segments were identified:

  • Nature Wonder Hunters
  • Nature Explorers
  • Activity Enthusiasts
  • Comfort Seekers
  • City Breakers and
  • Authentic Lifestyle Seekers.

Compared to competing travel destinations (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and for Asian countries also France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland), Finland stands out with Northern Lights and Nature, as well as Winter experiences in general.

Three segments were recommended as main motives for Finland, considering size and possibility for Finland to win its competitors: Nature Wonder Hunters, Nature Explorers and Activity Enthusiasts. In these segments Finland is a strong travel destination on a global level. Comfort Seekers is also a segment worth considering as a target group. City Breakers and Authentic Lifestyle Seekers, on the other hand, could rather be targeted in a combination with primary motives, since the competition from other markets is tough in these segments, and it’s difficult for Finland to stand out.

A more in-depth analysis of the four main target markets was made to enable taking local preferences into account. A country specific segmentation for UK, Germany, Japan and China is found in separate reports.