What’s up in summer travel in France, Sanna Tuononen?


How do the French typically spend their summers?

French travel a lot in France, especially in summer time. As France has many different destinations (beaches, mountains, old city destinations) people are tempted to stay in France for their summer holidays. During summer, the most popular destinations are the coastal destinations by the sea. The busiest holiday month is August.

Nevertheless, outbound travel is growing also in summer and people are looking for new destinations. As many of the French destinations are very full and busy during the holiday months, people want to have something more calm and authentic. Most popular foreign summer destinations at the moment are neighbor markets; Spain and Italy. Interest in Nordic destinations has also grown during last years as nature holidays and destinations are becoming more popular.

What are the key drivers for summer travel to Finland from France?

Finland is known as a winter destination and summer travelling figures from France are still quite small. Potential is however big and when the image of summer will be stronger, the French travelers will also find Finland’s beauty in summer.

In Finland in summer time, the French people are looking for nature experiences, outdoor activities and relaxing moments away from noise and city environment. Finland is also considered as an easy and safe destination for families. Finland can attract with the image of clean air, nature and food, midnight sun, multiples possibilities for outdoors activities and active summer cultural life (events and festivals).

Are there some specific activities or interests that are trending now on the French market?

Ecological issues and green values are trendy. All the activities “back to basic and back to nature” are popular. Regarding these values, Finland has a lot to offer with all the nature and outdoor activities and destinations (different regions).

French also want to travel in a more sustainable way and “meet the locals” and “live like the locals” are important aspects of the travelling. Therefore, for example Airbnb is very popular and used among the French travellers.


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