What’s up in Chinese travel to Finland, David Wu?


Finland, as well as the other Nordic countries, have been very popular among the Chinese travelers this winter and during the Chinese New Year holidays – what are the main reasons behind this?

Already the winter season of 2015-16 showed growing interest for winter travel to the Nordic countries.  Nevertheless, we all just witnessed another success of the rapid growth of Chinese travelers to Finland, especially Lapland, in the wintertime of 2016-17.

The major reasons behind this are successful projects/campaigns, the growing awareness of Finland in China market, and most importantly the availability of products in the market for Chinese travelers.

With many years’ of efforts from the Finnish partners and VF on the Chinese market, the trade in China is getting more familiar with Finnish products, and has gained many experiences & confidences from several years’ operations & sales of Finnish products. The market was ready for a bigger challenge/opportunity in 2016.

Then, in 2016, Finland got so many good exposures among Chinese people, like reality shows (We are in Love & Chef Nic Show). Meanwhile, big tour operators and OTAs acquired a large amount of resources in advance and had good sales results eventually.


How does Finland differentiate from the other Nordic countries?

The Santa Claus, snow activities & attractive accommodations are what we differentiate from other Nordic countries in the wintertime. In addition, the image of Finnish winter is more impressive for Chinese people compared with other Nordic countries.

The effects of Word-of-Mouth from those travelers who have visited Finland would create buzz on social media, which will also help us to be distinguished from other Nordic countries.


What kind of experiences and activities are Chinese visitors looking for during spring and summer?

Springtime is usually quieter for Chinese when it comes to traveling. However, the traveling period lasted to the end of March for Chinese travelers to Finland, which was already longer than before.

During spring and summer time, Helsinki region will still be the main destination for Chinese travelers because the mass groups are coming for packages including the 4 Nordic countries. However, more student groups and young people for summer camps are coming to Finland, and they will obviously contribute more overnights. Due to the good image of Finnish education, it is a good business opportunity to develop travel products with the themes of education in the summer time.




Further information:

David Wu
Marketing representative – Shanghai, China