Russian Railways will provide 30 % discount on trips to Finland


The Russian Railways (RZD) has informed about its plan to introduce 10-30 % discounts on Moscow – Helsinki tickets, provided they are bought in advance. The highest discount is possible when tickets (except for group orders) are purchased 45-60 days before the departure. The discounts will not apply to intrastate train routes in Russia and Finland.

According to the company, in 2015 this route was used by 75,000 persons and 95,000 persons in 2016, and it pays back through the permanent inflow of new passengers. Passenger traffic in this direction increased by 24.3 %. The discounts on Moscow-Helsinki tickets are available now too, but they are offered in case of group orders comprising six or more passengers. The discount makes 20 % for adults and 30 % for children.

When offering discounts to individual tourists based on dynamic pricing system, RZD probably wants to ensure even passenger traffic and increase the average route occupancy rate, says Dmitry Gorin, General director of VIP Service. He mentioned that RZD adopted this system from aviation sector and intends to develop it even more. It is expected that ticket sales depth will grow up to 90 days and then to 120 days. In addition to that, RZD uses discounts as a response to the growing competition with avia transportation services, says the expert.


Sources: 3.11.2017