Prospects for the coming summer season 2016 – Japan


The overall outlook of travelling to Finland for the coming summer season

The positive trend from Japanese market will continue in the coming summer because of the advantages in security and the new route from Fukuoka. There are only three weekly flights from Fukuoka, but many new products to Finland and Scandinavia were born and flight occupancy ratio until August looks quite high. We expect around 5 % increase compared to  last year.

As a new combination we will have more products with Baltic states and Poland. Also Autumn Aurora products are increasing more than last year.

Long term trends

Trend in Japan

General overseas traveling from Japan seems to be positive in the first three months of 2016, +5% after a long slump. Especially USA mainland and Australia recovered from the end of last year due to active campaigns in the early 2015, and several new destinations such as Myanmar and Cuba are getting popular among the younger generation.

Overall trend from Japan to European destinations is against the wind and many agents are suffering from decrease in major western European destinations, such as Paris, for security reasons. Especially terrorist attack in Belgium was a kind of shock, because many Japanese recognized Belgium as a safety destination.  Some tourists shifted their destinations from West Europe to East Europe, North Europe and Baltic States. More and more Japanese tourists seriously value security for their destination choice.

Product development

As a long-term product development, several discussions were held with agents about educational tourism, nowadays again due to security reasons. Actually we knew Finland would be  an ideal destination for educational tourism supported by several factors as follows:

  1. Finland is well known as country of advanced and high education
  2. Finnair’s route network in Asia secures immediate and safe flights back to home countries for just in case.
  3. Safety is almost country brand on Finland
  4. There are several ideal facilities for educational tourism such as sport institutes
  5. English is widely understood in Finland
  6. Finland has beautiful nature to enjoy for students and even for educational purposes.

Sales channels

OTA’s are getting more active and start competition with legacy agents. Especially platform providers must be future business opportunities for Finnish companies.

Japan is re-evaluated as matured market and investments in Japan are accelerated in last half year.

Also some of them started to sell activities and safaris on top of flight and accommodation and this means better business opportunities  for Finnish activity and safari companies.


Shigeyoshi Noto
Visit Finland Representative Japan