Prospects for the coming summer season 2016 – Hong Kong & Southern China


The overall outlook of travelling to Finland

In general, the estimation for the arrivals during this summer is decreasing due to the downturn of the economy.  It is assumed there will be 15 % decreased in arrivals to Scandinavia.  And the terror attacks in Paris/Brussels still have a slightly impact on the traffic to whole Europe market.

Guangzhou and Shenzhen visa application centres opened in South China and are welcomed by the travel trade, however, it is told that the processing time is relatively long compared with other European countries. Travel trade prefered to apply visa at those countries with consulates in Guangzhou, due to the faster application process.

With the Angry bird movie released late May/early June, there are some new products that associated with Angry Bird amusement park in Tampere released to the market. They are mainly pitching for the family with kids segment and there are some enquiries from the consumer in return.

Turku, Tampere, Fiskars and Provoo are getting more attention in summer times due to the proximity with Helsinki area and being relatively well known compared to the Eastern part (Lakeland) of Finland

Outlet shopping is also being advertised in the summer products.  Marimekko and Arabia factory outlet are the favorite ones

Berry and mushroom picking are also introduced in the summer program and it is said that if there will be a cooking class after that it would be a good idea.

Agents have hestiation in bear watching products in Eastern Lapland due to the uncertainty of time consumed. In general tourists lack the patience to wait.


Long term trends

What do you see as main tourism trends in your market area?

Iceland is being quite popular recently, especially in last winter.  Due to its relatively low price compared to Scandinavia and because it is treated as a new destination in Europe.  It is being featured as the best place for Aurora Borealis and there are a lot of beautiful landscapes that have not been explored.

Russia is getting more sales in this summer time with the lower currency and visa free policy for HK people.

Western Europe are treated as a frozen market in this coming year due to the refugee and terror attack crisis.

Mono/twin countries tour patterns are getting well received with experienced and demanding customers


How should Finnish travel industry companies utilize these each of these trends?

Social media and digital marketing are the major and effecitve tools to promote your products.

Flexibility and price competitiveness are important for both trade and end consumers


Aster Lai
Visit Finland Representative China: Hong Kong & Southern China