Prospects for the coming summer season 2016 – Beijing and Chongqing


The overall outlook of travelling to Finland

It might be a slightly increase in the coming summer, +10 % or below.

Reasons for the expectations

  • 1/3 reason is because of the security of society in Europe, especially Western Europe.
  • 1/3 reason is because of the fingerprint policy.  It’s more complicated to apply Schengen visa than before, even though 13 new visa application centres have been opened, totally 15 VACs now.
  • 1/3 reason is because the China stock market is weak since this beginning of this year.

New products

  • Saimaa package incl. Fishing by Utour and Bamboo Garden Travel
  • HCM marathon package by 42 Trip, Caissa Travel and Utour/Laipao8
  • Students Camp in Design and Finnish nature (14 days in Finland) by IdeasTrip
  • Nordic countries + Iceland

Long term trends

What do you see as main tourisms trends in your market area?

  • Charter flights: U6 by Utour (year 2016), Beijing Capital Airline by Caissa Travel (possible year 2017)
  • Economic package is more popular, below CNY20,000 per Finland package. But students camp is still high.
  • Safe society is one of the priority factors for consumers
  • Social media & FIT travelers are getting more popular

How should Finnish travel industry companies utilize these each of these trends?

Product development

  • More lakeland packages
  • Variety of topics such as Marathon
  • More topics for Students Camp, e.g. ice hockey


  • WeChat e-training for trade & Finnish partners’ pdf product manual
  • Promote Finland as a safe destination with pure air/water and organic food
  • NNTC project – consumer online campaign together with Scandinavian countries in 2016 and 17.


Sales channel co-operation

  • More and further co-operation with TOs who have charter flight plan like Utour and Caissa
  • FIT package promotion with OTA
  • StopOver promotion with TOs who are selling FIT packages online as well.


Danye Liu
Visit Finland Representative China: Beijing & Chongqing