Only 3 % of Russian citizens are ready to go abroad this summer


The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) published the findings of the annual survey which studied the plans of Russian citizens for the upcoming summer season. There were 1600 respondents polled in 130 settlements of the 46 Russian regions and 9 federal districts.

According to VCIOM, summer plans of Russian citizens are obviously affected by the current economic crisis: the number of those willing to stay at home and go to country houses has grown significantly, while the share of those going to other regions and countries is now smaller. 45 % of Russians are planning to stay at home this summer (as compared with 40 % in 2015), 35 % are going to country houses (as compared with 26 % in 2015).

Financial difficulties remain the main reason for the refusal of trips – it was mentioned by 44 % of the respondents who are not going to leave their place of residence. 17 % of Russians are planning to work the whole summer: this figure has grown during two years (from 11 %).

Only 3 % of the respondents are intending to go abroad. During the last five years, only one out of five Russians (19 %) has gone abroad, which correlates to the information regarding the foreign passports: 25 % of the respondents said they had it in hand.

Only 36 % of the respondents managed to save money for summer vacation this year (as compared with 54 % in 2015). Holiday expectations this season are much more pessimistic than in 2014-2015: the share of those waiting for the upcoming summer to be better than the previous one reduced from 38 % to 22 %. 13 % of the respondents expect worse vacation as compared with the previous summer. Most respondents (53 %) said that the upcoming season would be the same as the previous one.

Russia Summer vacation

Source: All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center