New trends in Japanese market


The latest trends and movements can’t sometimes be identified or measured by statistical data. There are things you notice only when travelling and conversing with press and trade people.

Here are some key words to the latest trends in Japan.

Rural Tourism

The rural tourism trend concerns not only Finland, but the whole of Europe. The Japanese are gradually turning their interest to experiencing the countryside, but the trend is not yet reflected on the actual products. Press coverage on themes that relate to rural tourism has increased this summer.

Organic food, interaction with local people, shopping local products at small markets etc. are more widely appreciated.

This movement could be a long term mega trend lasting longer than 10 years.

Family Holiday

This summer there were more families with kids at Vantaa airport and in Finnish hotels than before. One of the reasons might be the recent safety issues in several popular travel destinations in western Europe. The destination for summer holidays has shifted to east European countries and to north Europe. Finland and Scandinavia used to be too expensive destinations for a family holiday but safety is becoming the first priority in travel and Finland is quite a natural destination for a safe holiday. This trend is expected to continue this coming winter and next summer as well.


Shigeyoshi Noto, Representative of Visit Finland