Succesful Moi Moi Roadshow in Asia


As annual travel trade sales function, Moimoi Workshops in 4 Asian cities were organized on week 37. There were record breaking number of Finnish companies participating (20 companies in Osaka, 24 in Tokyo, 14 in Taipei and 13 in Seoul), which indicated big interest in the markets from Finnish side.

All workshops are pretty popular with big number of buyers (Osaka: 62, Tokyo: 136, Taipei: 64. Seoul: 41) and lively discussions were made between Finnish companies and Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese buyers. Especially Taiwan workshop was the first workshop organized since 1990’s and it was new challenge for Visit Finland. Finnish companies found good market potential for the future business from Taiwan.

In Seoul and Tokyo there were also press events for Stopover Finland and FinRelax. Presentations were made for Japanese press.

Moimoi 2016 Lively discussions

Lively discussions on Stopover Finland


Moimoi 2016 Heli Menda Santa Claus

Ms. Heli Mende in Tokyo with lucky draw winner and Santa Claus


Moimoi 2016 Bags

Even eco bags were popular