JTB Report 2016 shows Japanese motivations to overseas travel pick up


Report finds that the combined ratio of ‘don’t want to go abroad too much’ and ‘never want to go abroad’ dropped 37.3% a year earlier to 29.4%. The trend was found for the first time in the past seven years. The market is boosted by several positive factors, such as zero fuel surcharges or strong yen trend, according to the report.

Travel motivations were high in a wide variety of ages and sex. The combined ratio of unmarried women who answered ‘having a plan to go abroad within a year’ and ‘no plan at this moment, but want to go abroad’ was 45.8% Including ‘want to go abroad if possible’ the ratio reached 80.4%. (Source: 2.8.2016 travelvoice.jp)

JTB report is the most credible tourism market research on overseas traveling from Japan. It consists of two parts: Factual Survey with 2796 respondents and Opinion Survey with 1200 respondents. If you need feasible survey upon getting into the market, or would like to see the market trend, JTB report is the best tool.

1. The number of Japanese traveling abroad in 2015 and analysis
2. The types of overseas trips taken by the Japanese in 2015
3. Reasons for making trips and the use of travel firms
4. The overseas travel experience of the Japanese
5. The preference of potential overseas travellers
6. Overseas market trend and outlook 2015-2017

JTB report 2016, Published : July 2016
Supervised :JTB Corp., Publisher :JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co.
Price : shipped outside of Japan JPY 16,000 (including tax & delivery fee) Pages :78 pages

This booklet is available at www.tourism.jp/en/publication/jtb-report/


Shigeyoshi Noto, Representative of Visit Finland