Increased demand for tours to Finland on Yandex search


In October this year the Russian users of Yandex made 4 994 960 requests for tours, which is 5,4 % less than in September. The top-10 most popular holiday destinations include Finland which took the 6th place in the rating with 28,6 % increase compared with September 2016. Compared with the same period of the previous year, the volume of requests for tours to Finland among Yandex users increased by 52,4 %.

Within the month of October, Finland was interesting for the Russians in terms of New Year holidays. In addition, a large volume of requests was about short tours for 1-3 days. The most popular Finnish destination was Helsinki getting 222 000 requests. The mountain skiers were actively interested in Vuokatti by making 3 400 queries. Another point worth to mention, is that the majority of users didn’t specify the desired tour operator while looking for the tours.