Demand for elite trips grows


In spite of the economic crisis and difficulties experienced now by the organized outbound tourism market, Russia sees the growth of demand for elite tours priced above 500 000 rubles. The sales share of tourist packages which include business class flights and accommodation in expensive hotels and villas went up by 1/3 in some destinations. In most cases, these are not the new clients, but the wealthy audience which was previously interested in individual offers only.

According to Online Tour, the share of package tours with a business class flight and high-category hotel increased by 8-29% from spring until now, as compared with the same period of the previous year (the exact figure depends on the country). This category comprises offers priced above 500 000 rubles, the average bill is 835 000 rubles (11 300 Euro).  The growth of the segment in excess of 2 million rubles is 7%. The leaders of VIP tourism in terms of demand are Italy, France, exotic countries and islands (the Seychelles and Maldives).

The growing popularity of expensive trips against the drop in demand on the mass market is pointed out by tour operators which describe the main trend of the contemporary national tourism: “The poor grow poorer, the rich grow richer”. At that, even wealthy customers tend to economize: the total number of trips reduces, people who used to travel five times a year now make three journeys. Moreover, many of them refuse exclusive hotels within the city boundaries and agree to live in 4-star hotels; those for whom business class was the only acceptable alternative now prefer economy class.

According to the recent Amadeus report on the luxury travel trends, the annual growth of luxury segment on a global scale will make 6,2% by 2025 (with the overall growth of 4,8%). At that, most part (64%) of the premium class travel market will fall on Europe and Northern America with 18% of the world population. The experts predict that Russia’s luxury market will experience the annual growth of 9% in the years to come.