Brexitistä tuli totta ja aiheutti täyden kaaoksen ja epätietoisuuden tulevasta. Mitkä vaikutukset tulevat olemaan matkailun osalta, on mahdotonta sanoa tässä vaiheessa. Punnan kurssin lasku vaikuttaa ainakin väliaikaisesti ostospäätökseen. Pitkällä tähtäimellä jää nähtäväksi. Tässä Ison-Britannian matkailuyhdistyksen ABTA:n antama lausunto asiasta. Lisää uutisia tulee tänne heti, kun olen kuullut matkanjärjestäjien kommentit tulevaan Suomi-myyntiin.

Statement from ABTA:

The result of yesterday’s referendum on the UK’s future relationship with the European Union has been announced, and the British people have voted to leave the EU.

It cannot be doubted that we are now moving into a period of uncertainty, although in regulatory terms we will not see any immediate changes.
Once the UK formally notifies the EU of its intention to leave, the remaining Member States will have up to two years to offer the UK a deal for a future trading relationship.

This period can also be extended if all parties agree. Until this process is resolved, everything will remain as it is now. ABTA’s role is to help keep you informed, to help the travelling public to remain confident in travelling, and to help Government to understand and prioritise those matters that are important to our Members and our industry.

ABTA will be working proactively with Government to raise awareness of the priorities for travel businesses, and UK travellers, as they negotiate a future trading relationship. We started this process some months ago, with a programme of engagement with ‘leave’ campaigners in Westminster, and we have prepared a detailed list of policy and regulatory priorities that we will be discussing with leading policymakers in the coming weeks. It will also be important to ensure that the industry’s domestic agenda is not neglected, and ABTA will continue to press for action on airport capacity, ATOL reform, which remains relevant whatever the future of the Package Travel Directive, and Air Passenger Duty


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Riitta Balza, Visit Finland