Visit Finland goes Russia

Take part in Visit Finland’s actions for Russia&CIS markets and gain clients from the Eastern border. There will be workshops, PR-events, webinars and much more.



Webinars for Russian travel trade

24.1.   – Beautiful Finnish winter & early spring season
26.2.   – Spring in Finland
21.3.   – Increase Your Summer sales in Finland (fully booked)
17.9.   – “Finnish Ruska season”
26.9.   – New Year season is coming
24.10. – Finnish ski resorts

Hinta: 100 € + alv /webinaari, max. 3 puhujaa ja kullakin on 30 min puheenvuoro.
Webinaarien aiheet ovat suuntaa-antavia, eli joustamme, jos joku esimerkiksi haluaa kertoa jostakin muusta kuin ruskasta ruska-teemaisessa webinaarissa. Puhujat saavat myös webinaarin-kuuntelijoiden kontaktit ym. itselleen tilaisuuden jälkeen. Webinaareja kuuntelee keskimäärin noin 50-150 eri matkanjärjestäjäyritysten ja matkatoimistojen edustajaa per webinaari.

Huom! Osallistuminen webinaareihin on rajoitettu: 1 yritys / vuosi. Esitykset venäjäksi. Ilmoittautuminen webinaareihin on sitovaa.

Lisätiedot: Aleksandra Shakhnovich, aleksandra.shakhnovich@businessfinland


Visit Finland Russia & CIS Grand Workshop | Savonlinna, Finland

Workshop for ~50 tour operator companies from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus will be held in spring time (April or May) in city of Savonlinna. Price, programme and exact dates TBC soon.

Further information: Aleksandra Shakhnovich, aleksandra.shakhnovich@businessfinland.


Visit Finland Russia & CIS workshops 2019

Visit Finland will be arranging several workshops for Russian tour operators during 2019.
Events will be held in St. Petersburg and Moscow, regions of Russia and in CIS-countries: Ukraine and Belarus.

St. Petersburg: 09/2019
Moscow: 09/2019
Jekaterinburg: TBC
Kazan: TBC
Minsk: TBC
Kiev: spring 2019 / TBC

Further information: Aleksandra Shakhnovich, aleksandra.shakhnovich@businessfinland.


”Day of Finland” festivals | St. Petersburg & Moscow, Russia | May/June 2019

May/June 2019: Moscow
May/June 2019: St. Petersburg

These PR-events are made for the end customers and will be held at most trendy venues, which are loved by our target groups. Within these free entry all-day festival-type events for families, couples and millennials, it is easy, cost-friendly and very efficient way to expose your company to your potential Russian clients – and already Finland-motivated ones, too.

To become a participant of these events, you are required to bring on the action – of interesting, creative and interactive kind, which is able to stop event visitor just at your stand. VR-glasses, master-class, product or service tasting, selfie-box, something funny for children, or anything else (only local laws are the limit).

Further information: Sergei Shkurov,


Any other help?

If you need more information about Russian & CIS market, please contact: