Scandinavian Tourist Boards Travel Trade Partnership Program 2017

1. Our joint workshop will be in a different format in 2017, in conjunction with US Tour Operator Association’s (USTOA) Annual Conference from November 28th to December 2nd in Hollywood, Florida. On November 28th we’re showcasing all the suppliers in an exclusive Scandinavia Pavilion followed by three days of meetings with key US tour operators, and plenty of other networking opportunities. The  meetings will be booked through USTOA’s online booking system (approximately 20-25 meetings). The participation fee includes also USTOA membership for 2017

2. Travel Agent’s E-learning course ‘Scandinavia Specialist’ with a dedicated company page and links

3. Trade newsletter 12 x year and logo and banner ad on

4. Sales calls on the East Coast (12)

Exclusive Partnership with USTOA

The annual United States Tour Operator Association conference is essential to meet with high ranking decision makers, CEO’s, presidents, VP’s, and product development managers of the most important tour operators in the US. All attend this highly anticipated conference. USTOA counts over 150 brands of the US’ most important names in the travel and tourism industry.

Scandinavia will have an exclusive presence at the 2017 conference with a Scandinavia Pavilion on November 28, 2017 to showcase partner products and services to USTOA Active Members.

Participating partners will also become USTOA Associate Members for the remainder of 2017 with access to the organization’s business resources and participate in all meetings, conferences, and networking sessions throughout the conference.

Audience: CEO’s, presidents, VP’s, product development personnel from the top tour operators

Exposure for your Product: Exclusive opportunity to showcase your products and services to top USTOA member decision makers before the official start of the conference when only Active Members meet.

Objective: 20-22 Meetings with tour operators

Timing: November 28 – December 2, 2017, Hollywood, FL

Sales Calls

To reach a targeted audience we will undertake a series of sales calls and destination training sessions to agency and tour operator sales staff along the east coast of the US with companies that heavily book foreign travel. The goal is to personally inspire them to sell Scandinavia and to introduce partner products and services. We also aim to educate and entice operators to increase, enhance or produce new packages to Scandinavia using partner products and/or services, and motivate travel agents to sell Scandinavia to their clients.  

Audience: Strategically targeted key producing travel agents and tour operators in the Northeastern U.S.

Exposure for your Product: Inclusion of your product in presentation and inclusion in the sales kit. Contact information of attending agents and operators will be shared.

Objective: 12 Sales Calls

Timing: Throughout the year

Travel Agent Educational Program

Scandinavia is a relatively unknown region, and as such we have created a highly targeted web-based educational program for travel agents. The aim is to educate, enhance and promote sales to Scandinavia and of partner products and services. Travel agents are introduced to a series of educational and inspirational information on Scandinavia along with detailed information on partner products. Each agent takes an exit test and becomes a Scandinavia specialist upon approval. Large-scale marketing initiatives promote the program, and every agent that is involved in the program, or that is in our database, receives frequent news and updates on the tourism industry in Scandinavia including news from participating partners.

Audience: Travel agents

Exposure for your Product: Partners get their own exclusive slide in the specialist program with complete control on that page’s content and image, along with company logo, contact information, and links.

Objective: 1,000 graduates already. Objective is to reach 1,500 graduates. 

Timing: Throughout the year

Trade Newsletter

The Scandinavian e-newsletter targeting travel agents and tour operators throughout North America focuses on travel and tourism news from throughout Scandinavia as well as inspirational stories to entice tour development and to serve as a tool and inspiration for travel agents to sell and meet client’s travel needs. Partner ads will promote services and products.

Audience: Travel agents and operators

Exposure for your Product: Inclusion of partner news and developments as well as banner ads targeting the travel trade.

Objective: 3 banner ads/year. Newsletter is distributed to 4,500 travel professionals and has an opening rate of 25%. Partners are also included on B2B site as a preferred partner.

Timing: Monthly  


Participation Cost

Program 1

Full program. Includes all four components of the Scandinavian Tourist Boards’ Trade Partnership Program

Cost: USD 4,500.-


Program 2

Participation in exclusive USTOA Partnership only

Cost: USD 2,700.-


Program 3

Sales Calls + Travel Agent Education Program + Trade Newsletter

Cost: USD 3,500.-