American travelers are looking for unique experiences

Other Scandinavian countries and Baltic region are our main competitors. Larger budgets create more presence on the US market. Norway’s focus is on adventure travel, fjords, hiking, Oslo and green tourism.Denmark promotes Copenhagen,cruise, GLBT, culinary themes, and collaboration with Sweden. For Sweden focus is on Stockholm, culinary themes and Southern Sweden. For Iceland Reykjavik, great outdoors, culinary themes, Northern Lights.

Finland is growing as a selective destination in many US niche markets. In general, as a stand alone overall destination, it is not on the top ten list of US travelers, but for a special interest segment Finland holds its ground and a premiere spot amongst the US travelers.

For example, as a cruise destination Helsinki is one of the leading passenger ports in the Baltic with over 270 ships and 360 000 passengers. Approximately 40 % of the new growth was US travelers. Another example is the adventure travel markets, as Finland has been marketed heavily in the US as a great winter getaway spot for adventure travel, along with of course summer excursions topping the charts with Helsinki city stays.

Many US tour operators are also offering Finland in their itineraries and several travel agents across the US have completed a Finland training course to help them sell more Finland packages.

Competition is other Baltic Cities, as many of the packages only include one or two days in Finland, where we are seeing more itineraries featuring more of what Finland has to offer.

There is always competition, but the focus should be to continue to push the US market to consider their next vacation to be Finland based. US travelers do not travel to the same place every vacation, so we must continue to show and offer the best of Finland.


Lapland in winter, Finnish design, culture, music and history, sophistication of technology and nature.

More partnerships with Tour Operators and media through co-op programs will allow both parties to reach more consumers.

Target Groups

Main target areas are Northeastern US, Chicago and California but all Us travelers are under the radar for visiting Finland, as Finland has something to offer all age groups and select niche markets.

In order to focus on these groups, select itineraries are needed to drive interest and bookings to each category: Cruise, Adventure, Family, Mature Travelers, Luxury seekers, Spa and Nature, Incentive, etc.

Even though American travelers are price conscious they are looking for more unique experiences.




What’s up in US travel to Finland, Helena Niskanen?


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