Team Finland Network

The global economy has changed fundamentally over the last decade and the economic well being of Finland and its citizens now depends ever more strongly on matters outside its borders. It is essential that Finland is able to influence the economic factors abroad and to influence events in ways that work in its favour. The best way to accomplish this is through cooperation.

To that end, the Team Finland network exists to promote the external economic relations and country brand of Finland, to help enable the internationalisation of Finnish companies and to encourage foreign investments into the country. The aim of Team Finland is to increase cooperation between all Finnish players to meet those needs.

The Team Finland network is run by the Government of Finland with the Ministries of Employment and the Economy, Foreign Affairs and Education and Culture at its core, making full use of the publicly funded organisations and overseas networks they administer. As a result, Team Finland has over 70 teams around the world handling its activities abroad.

Visit Finland has an active role in Team Finland operations, focusing on communication and country brand development. Visit Finland is a part of Team Finland’s country brand core group in Helsinki. Abroad, we will be partaking in Team Finland activities with a focus on communication. Terms of collaboration will be agreed on country by country.

Contact person at Visit Finland: Mr. Paavo Virkkunen, Executive Vice President